Hello to the newcomers, oldtimers, no-brainers and go-againers. Hello to the Bluegummers, Bush Campers, West Kevins and Outer Spacers. Hello to the Silent Wedgers, Tucker Tenters, Meredith Gifters, Couch Sippers and Sunset Strippers. Hello to the Tai Chi-ers, Arch of Lovers, Fancy Dressers, Inspiration Pointers, Pink Flamingoers and Sky Show-ers. Hello to the Dawn Convoyers, Wristband Wranglers, Campsite Fluffers, Designated Drivers and Gazebo MacGyvers. Hello to the Boot Raisers, CleanUp Songers, Thing On Stickers and Sunrise Saluters. Hello to the Red Tree-ers, Fell-Asleepers, and all Postcode 3333ers. Hello to Every One. It’s been nearly nine hundred days since the Sun set on the previous trip round The Sup’. About time we got together. 

The Ballot for The 30th Meredith is now open, to all comers. It’s simple to enter, and the best way to get tickets.


To be in it, enter before 10:30pm AEST, Monday 15 August, 2022.

Additionally, VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS are open.


For the Thirtieth and Very First Time

Three days and two nights in four-dimensional grand union, with friends old and new. A mark in time, under wide open skies, and your nominated lantern.

A single stage, free range camping, BYO, and no commercial messages. Ample Time and Space to wibble.  A soundtrack built for wobble.  A weekend on Wadawurrung Country.


The Auntytecture remains intact; same size, same shape, same abundant Amphitheatre and Campgrounds – looking extra-super-natural after their convalescence.

Attractions not distractions, afternoon spins on the Eye, a grassy grandstand finish for the Sun, a late rinse in some scrub cinema. Antennae re-tuned to the freakwency, all paths leading to Magic O’Clock. Tucker Tent, Tai Chi, pink drink, a nude loop ‘round The Sup’.

And whatever else we all dream up together.

Come As You Are

Meredith started in 1991 as a one-time blow out for a coupla hundred free-wheelin’ friends.

So much fun was had that she just kept on keeping on. Over thirty years of collective know-how married with wild ambition means this sweet little parcel of land is now a purpose-built, free-standing wonderpark.


Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to all the feedback and ideas from you and your friends, Meredith self-propagates. We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not fix them if they do, and Keep On Making Meredith Meredithy.

I hope to see you in The Sup’,



Aunty Meredith
and The Supernatural Custodians